One The Ultimate Web Cleaner webdust-control-corrugated-cardboard--corrucleaner Corrucleaner®.
The Final Web Cleaning Solution For Corrugated Board And Cardboard.

Template High Cleaning Efficiency 01 Boost Production & Reduce costs > Up to 20% Lower Energy Use 02 Save Energy Costs & Environment > Better Working Conditions 03 Reduce Health Risks & Lower Costs > More Imprints 04 Optimized Production > Happy-customers-corrucleaner Clean & Improved Printable Surface 05 Customer Satisfaction > technical-expertise Technical Support 06 Safeguarding Consistent Quality > By cleaning in the right spot in your production process and stopping contamination before it reaches a point where you can do nothing about it anymore, Corrucleaner® ensures a clean, debris-free surface that compensates for fluctuation in liner quality. The Corrucleaner®
Compared to other webcleaning solutions, Corrucleaner® is up to 20% more efficient with energy consumed. Electronic control of flow and volume by means of frequency converters allows to use only the energy needed for the desired performance.
Mechanical control of flow and volume by means of a valve generates heat and resistance at the cost of wasted energy.
10 dB lower noise level, a healthy working environment because of lowered emissions, reduction of contamination on the work floor and less time used for cleaning and maintenance, optimise labour conditions and work safety.
Continuous use of the Corrucleaner® enlarges the complaint-free output of your corrugator.
The effective reduction of dust, debris and substrate related remains optimises the surface quality of the corrugated produced.
Fluctuations in liner quality is compensated, the printer can rely on constant conditions and optimal quality.
Increased numbers of passes between wash-ups, less dust complaints and improved printability raises customer satisfaction and improves your market position.
The enlarged output combined with better quality gives additional profitability.
Although the Corrucleaner® is virtually maintenance-free, our customer support assures that the advantages of the system can be held upright for years and years.
Annual maintenance by the constructors keeps your system fit.